Your on-demand research assistant.
Stop wasting your precious time by watching multi-hour podcasts, fluff-filled webinars and tedious industry reports.

Our trained research assistants provide you with easily digestible, detailed 5-min executive summaries.

Tldrme gives you 99% of the insights in 5% of the time.
Save time and money
Combat info overload
Fast & Reliable
Trained research assistants
Fixed monthly rate

Are you time-swamped?

It's time to start outsourcing the part-time job you didn't know you had.

You're a busy entrepreneur and you have a long list of high-quality content to consume. Podcasts, YT vids, webinars, ebooks, etc.

Staying up to date often feels like a full-time job.

Yet, you can't just ignore it. Because often, hidden inside that multi-hour podcast, there are a few nuggets of wisdom that have the power to change your life/business. They can be the seed for a lifestyle change, or the catalyst for a much-needed pivot in your business.

The problem is that trying to go through all the content ourselves will negatively impact both our personal and our work lives. Besides, your brain would get swamped with so much information that your creative output and decision-making would suffer (#neuroscience).

Introducing a better way to sift through the noise

Tldrme sends you easily digestible summaries of all the thing you should listen to, but don't have the time for.

TLdrme is research-as-a-service, wrapped in a product and offered as a subscription, for your convenience.

How it works

Step 1: You get hipped to something (e.g. a podcast) that "you absolutely must listen to, dude."

Step 2: Fill in our 1-minute brief. If required, note down some specific things your research assistant needs to be cognizant of.
Step 3: Within 24-48 hours receive a high-quality, professionally edited executive summary and timeline of interesting discussion points.
Save hours per week by having the hard, laborious job of filtering through the content fluff done by young, smart, intellectually curious research assistants.

Pricing Plans

Order a single tldr, or sign up for a monthly subscription for ultimate convenience.
No contract. 14 days money back guarantee. Cancel anytime.


A tldr of your choice
48h turnaround time
Quality controlled by the founding team
No risk, 100% money-back guarantee
Best for entrepreneurs who are trying out our service for the first time or businesses who only occasionally need something researched.


per month
10 tldr's of your choice
48h turaround time
Quality controlled by the founding team
Cancel anytime
Best for growing entrepreneurs who need reliable high-quality summaries on a monthly basis, and want to save on the expense of hiring an research assistant.


per month
20 tldr's of your choice*
48h turaround time
Quality controlled by the founding team
Cancel anytime
Best for successful entrepreneurs who need to outsource a lot of research each month to stay up to date with their industry and interests.

Who is behind this?

Alex is an online entrepreneur, currently living in Byron Bay.

He previously founded and sold
Tommy is a Dutch copywriter and online entrepreneur.