Day 3 - Figma Basics ii

December 17, 2020


I copied a bunch of Jack Butcher's Visualize Value idea visualizations. I am following his Design Fundamentals course and it's proving to be a great platform to dive deeper into the type(s) of design that I want to do.

Here's my entire FIgma file with everything I've played around with today:

I also played around with the color palette I created yesterday and made a simple graphic layout design based on it, combining color, type, image (treatment) and some graphic elements. I'm not even that big of a fan of Fernando Alonso, I just dig the colors. (I'm a Ricciardo fanboy all the way).


Today I focused on learning some more Figma basics. For now, I plan on using this as my sole design tool, for anything from social media posts to complete layouts.

I also completed the Design Fundamentals course from Visualize Value.