Day 2 - Design Curriculum

December 16, 2020


I didn't design anything today, was busy studying. But for the sake of shipping something, I analyzed the color palette of Fernando Alonso's helmet (link), which I find to be a pleasant color combination. Here's the palette.


Today I learned more about Figma, in particular using auto layout, which allows you to create dynamic, content-responsive frames. Looks great, not totally getting it yet. Seems like CSS Grid/Flexbox, but with different terminology. Here's the Figma community file for you to explore:

I also raced through a few presentations about putting together a design curriculum, like this one and this one from The Futur. Both had a lot of fluff and aren't worth it to watch in full, but you can skip to the relevant parts. There a good timestamps in the comments, which were very helpful.

I am not going to spend a lot of time formalizing a curriculum because that's not how I learn. I'll start with something, and then move on to something else, keeping in mind all the skills I want to learn eventually (e.g. type, layout, color, software, etc).