Day 11 - Indesign

December 25, 2020


Made this flyer as part of an InDesign course.


InDesign Essentials course (link).

I'm already pretty decent in InDesign, but I haven't used it for over a year and it would be good to start at the basic again. I've taught it myself using some Adobe tutorials en some YT videos, but I find it to be much more helpful to just pay for a good course instead.

Tonight I'll also set up a Design Inspiration system, which is a fancy term for setting up something that allows me to look at a lot of good design on Dribbble, Behance, etc etc so that I get my eyes on good design a lot. Learning to observe/see is 80% of any creative skill (this is something I learned through photography).

So the formula for learning design seems to be quite simple (but not necessarily easy):

Good Design = Quality of Observation X Tool Mastery