365 days of design.

How it started
"You think like a designer"

What followed
5 years of disregarding that insight.

What's next
A serious attempt at learning design.

I like things made beautiful.

A daily post of me shipping a piece of design and learning in public. And hopefully, finding the direction I want to take this in somewhere along the way.

I'm not entirely new to design. I'm a good photographer, with a decent understanding of composition and color theory. At the very least, I already have a visual cortex that's somewhat developed than the average person.

I'm fluent in Adobe Lightroom, and can make my way around Photoshop and InDesign. I know a little about Illustrator, but not too much. I'm also competent with Adobe Audition, and am learning Premiere Pro and After Effects.

I've also spent a few months learning the basics of graphic design (Coursera, California Institute of the Arts).

Everyday I will share a new blog entry with the following:
- A design
- What I'm studying/reading
- A brief commentary on the above