Tommy is currently: mostly studying, doing some consultancy and relocating.

Tommy van Rheeden

About Tommy

I'm a Creative Advertising Strategist and a sometimes entrepreneur. In my work I combine principles of evolutionary biology/psychology, game theory and behavioral economics/design along with in-depth experiential knowledge of performance marketing, copywriting and ad networks (specializing on FB).

I am currently in the Netherlands but will be relocating to Spain soon (99% it will be Valencia). I also sometimes travel Europe by campervan, which I self-built a few years back. There are some photos of her in the photography section.

P.S. Contrary to popular opinion I am not Ben Affleck, please stop asking.


For inquiries, send me an email.

If you have my phone number you can also text or call me.

I'm also, albeit reluctantly, on Instagram.

Tommy van Rheeden