Tommy is currently: writing, designing, photographing, and working on a select few creative projects.

Tommy van Rheeden

About Tommy

I am a photographer and a designer. Sometimes I also write things. I am currently taking some time off to become a better designer.

I am not based anywhere currently. I spent part of the year in the Netherlands, and part of it (slow) travelling, sometimes by camper van. This will change soon.

P.S. Contrary to popular opinion I am not Ben Affleck.


For inquiries, send me an email. (Disclaimer: I'm not that great at email and I only check it about once per day)

If you have my phone number you can also text me. (Texts are checked more often at the royal amount of twice daily)

If it's urgent, try calling me twice in a row. This should prompt a notification on my otherwise notification-free phone.

I'm not (really) on social media anymore. I still have some accounts that I might log in to every now and then. In any way, it doesn't make much sense trying to DM me on there.

Tommy van Rheeden