hi there.

I'm a marketing strategist and a copywriter, former ad man, sometimes photographer, fairweather vanlifer, and armchair psychologist.

I help businesses and creators do marketing, better.

That means helping them to cultivate a genuine connection with their audience so they can avoid resorting to pushy and scammy sales tactics to make a dollar.

I also run Copy Teardowns, where I breakdown great copy, in great detail.

If you're interested in connecting or following my journey, follow me on the Twitterverse.

Better marketing strategies. By email.

What I'm learning in working with my clients, I'm sharing (exclusively) with my email community. Occasionally, I also sent out some exercises or workshops I'm developing. All for free. Care to join?

Things I'm working on

Copy Teardowns

A curated collection of great copywriting, broken down in great detail for you to learn from.

Work with me

As a marketing strategist I help online educators, creators and founder-driven businesses grow their audience and revenue in a genuine, non-pushy way.

The Alex & Tommy Audiovideo spectacular

Alex Azoury and I deconstruct how creative monopolists got into the position they are today, so you can build your own personal monopoly.
coming soon
More projects will be unveiled publicly soon-ish.